Click here to download our free SSH/SFTP backup client - Varnaby Backup Agent

Backup Agent Features & Highlights

100% free.
Compatible with all versions of Windows with .net 4 installed and all SSH/SFTP servers using password authentication.
Notifications of new versions available.
Use the built-in FTP browser to browse and download backed up files.
Set up to 2 schedules per day for uploading / sync tasks.
All devices have their own unique root folder for files to reside within.
Integrates with our API to give enhanced simplicity and better security.

Our Cloud Storage is perfect for Online Backups using various protocols

Cloud Storage & Online Backup

Up to 20 TB of storage space per storage allocation!

We support the following protocols:-

  • FTP
  • SFTP/SSH - Also using our free online backup agent
  • NFS
  • iSCSI
  • Apple AFP with Time Machine Support

Unfortunately, we do not support SMB (aKa SAMBA/CIFS), due to recent events regarding the safety of this protocol and the performance constraints.

Each storage server we have is attached to the web via a 1Gbit link and uses RAID technology to cover for data loss events.

Our Cloud Storage Web Hosting services utilise LZ4 compression within the file system, so you get more space than you pay for, providing you have not already compressed your data prior to upload.

Looking for the best Online Backup Service Providers ? offers a reliable and Cheap online back up service, easy to set up and effective features which allow you to upload and share or backup files on our servers securely.

There is no cost for uploading or downloading, or any hidden costs.

Varnaby Cloud Storage & Online Backup Service


We are a relatively new hosting company on the web, residing in London and established in 2015, by a group of highly experienced computing professionals who have worked in some of the most complex datacentre environments in the UK.

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