Bespoke Hosting Consultations & Solutions


Consultation is free, for a fee we will provide a helping hand, which can save you money on resourcing and contractor overheads.

In some cases, you might not be charged a penny for the whole process!

The scoping stage is almost always free of charge unless extensive research is required.

As we know the markets very well, and technology as a whole, this is usually a small task.

An initial consultation with us can bring good results, in a short period of time we will be able to give you honest and open answers to address tricky IT challenges:
  • Feasibility of outcome with common challenges
  • Cost reduction
  • Migration 
  • Root cause
  • Second opinions
  • Risk management
  • Grey areas
  • Recovery
Sometimes things strike faster than lightning.

Un-planned or sudden issues pop up and need immediate attention:
  • We have fallen out with our provider
  • We need to move to your network ASAP
  • We have had enough of these problems
  • We have constant DDoS and Cyber Attacks
  • The giraffe has died!
Unplanned workloads resulting from these sorts of issues are addressed in a consultation session, which we will be quick to aid with a PoA and start implementing - providing all parties agree to immediate action.
"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"

We always prefer a planned approach.  Upon a scoped consultation resulting in a carefully devised PoA, we will allocate resource and provide time scales, project plan and implementation strategy, with post-mortem procedures and acceptance.

The planned approach is more cost-efficient, because we can forecast and report progress better.

Situations where this may not cost anything would be migrating to us from your existing provider and agreeing to a 6 or 12 month contract to stay with us.

Obtaining Our Expert Advice & Services

Customer support is free and will remain that way.  Our existing customers do not have a bad word to say about our support and they get more out of it than they would anywhere else.

As a prospecting customer, the only way to approach us is to contact us.  Please, do not immediately purchase anything from us if you have significant plans.  You need to speak to us first.

We can and certainly will offer discounts and exceptional deals to those prospectors, who come to us with significant projects that meet enhanced specifications.

With access to so many resources from varying suppliers as well as our own low-level resources available, we are very sure we can provide a cost effective web hosting solution to address the pitfalls of demands that fall foul of the normal boundaries.


We are a relatively new hosting company on the web, residing in London and established in 2015, by a group of highly experienced computing professionals who have worked in some of the most complex datacentre environments in the UK.

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