Niche Hosting Solutions, Solaris VPS? Anyone?

We support Solaris VPS Hosting, no need for SPARC64 CPU's, we run this on Xeon.
At affordable costs, we don't discriminate between operating systems.
We can provide Mac OS and OS X VPS hosting, these are compatible!
We support Oracle Linux VPS hosting, formerly known as Oracle Enterprise Linux, this particular OS is rarely seen in the VPS area, although available as a docker instance.
Our VPS are perfect for hosting any part of Splunk - Search Heads, Deployment Services, Forwarders and Indexers run nicely on our VPS platform.

Why pay more migrating to Splunk Web, when you can use your existing license to have a secure Splunk deployment on our VPS, with additional security added to protect your stream sources and indexed data???

Compatibility Check

This compatibility tool will assist, if you have any particular OS in mind?
The OS doesn't necessarily have to be listed in any results, those are just the tested and confirmed operating systems.
solaris vps hosting

Just Because Something is Special, Does Not Mean it is Worth More

This is the reason why our prices are all the same regardless of which OS you use.
We went and had a look at some hosts,  that were offering VPS like Solaris and Mac.
Without naming any, they were charging extortionate amounts, sometimes 5 times more than what you would pay on Azure!

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We are a relatively new hosting company on the web, residing in London and established in 2015, by a group of highly experienced computing professionals who have worked in some of the most complex datacentre environments in the UK.

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