Secure Web Hosting

Your security is very important to us

Without the correct security measures in place, our business is at risk as well as our customers.
In the 21st century we have all seen mayhem unfold.
Continue to read to see how we address security as a whole, what controls we have in place, and what plans we have for the future of this risky and complex area.

Security Best Practices

Our best practices are devised from our staff, who have some qualifications & experience in the following areas...
  • ISO IEC 27000
  • QA PDCA Cycle
  • CompTIA Security+
  • UK Data Protection Act
  • UK Computer Misuse Act
  • Disaster Recovery
Overall, Risk Management is applied with quality assurance methodology to ensure that systems remain stable and online.
Secure VPS and Cloud Storage Hosting

DDoS Protection

All of our services come with DDoS protection at no additional cost.
The protection is completeply autonomous and we will of course let you know when a DDoS does occur.
We will manage your DDoS attack from start to finish, with no negotiations or bargaining with the criminals, we are very certain we can handle any size DDoS attack for any amount of time.
11 Tbps (yes - Terabit) forms the backbone speed of our networks, shielded on the perimeter and internally.

Configurable Firewall

Every IP address we provide to your service has a customisable firewall.
  • Priority based rules to allow/deny
  • Specify CIDR entries
  • Specify protocols from ICMP, UDP and TCP to GRE and ESP.
  • DDoS Mitigation - Allow legitimate traffic
  • Various levels of protection from common DDoS tactics.
We recommend after configuring your server, that you contact us to configure the firewall.

Server Security

Our hypervisor servers are configured with security and performance in mind.
  • Fully patched against exploits
  • Surface area hardening
  • External firewall & DDoS protection
  • Forbidden spoofing & promiscuous sniffing
  • Hypervisor multi-tenancy security best practice
  • Splunk & syslog monitoring & auditing
  • Backups
  • DRP in place
  • Usage of strong keys
We are at the forefront of systems security and maintain the most up to date information on emerging threats.

Govt Data Requests

Most recently, governments have been exposed, having been involved in the unlawful harvesting of the communications content of complete countries, and even carrying out espionage against diplomatic channels.
Any and all data requests that are addressed to Varnaby.Com, from "competent authorities", are heavily scrutinised, questioned and rejected where appropriate.
Where permissible, we will notify our customers of enquiries from third parties, and recommend they notify authorities of any third parties attempting to unlawfully obtain information regarding our customers.


We are a relatively new hosting company on the web, residing in London and established in 2015, by a group of highly experienced computing professionals who have worked in some of the most complex datacentre environments in the UK.

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